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Visitor Registration System (VRS)


What is VRS?

VRS captures pertinent Visitors’MyKad Data, Categorized and Electronically Record it whilst ensuring a Greener, Efficient and Secure Method of Registering your Visitors.

Why use VRS?

VRS automatically extract permitted data of the visitors info the system database and captures the time stamp of Visitors’arrival and departure.

  • Sustainable Product: – Faster registration means more efficient power consumption
  • Improve Productivity: – Unnecessary intrusion by unwanted Visitors can be minimized
  • Increased Efficiency: – Visitor Information can be retrieved effortlessly anytime, anywhere
  • Security: – Visitors’ details captured during registration will indirectly eliminate visitors with malice intention from entering the premise

Benefits of VRS

  • Provide PICK & PAY features to suite your requirement and needs
  • Faster recording of visitors’ details
  • Able to perform query and analysis on Visitors’ Category, Date and Time, Frequency of Visit, Person being Visited, Time Spent etc.
  • Produce graphical result for analysis and reporting
  • Eliminate tedious task and physical safe keeping of manual record
  • Time saving and user friendly

How VRS Works?

A setup of desktop PC, MyKad Reader and Webcam will be the basic requirements. Visitors data will be captured and stored automatically to the database.

Key Features

Faster Registration

  • By using MyKad registration process will be faster. accurate and reliable

Enhance Security

  • Very useful during emergency and criminal investigation

Easy Capturing Visitor Photo (Webcam)

  • Easy identification

Scalable System

  • Able to cater for multiple sites installation
  • Easy integration with other system e.g. door access system, smart-card system, attendance system etc.

Visitor’s Track & Tracking

  • Easy to identify and tracking at real time
  • Schedule and appointments
  • Able to perform security vetting against alert list

Statistic of Visitor’s Category

  • Able to categorized visitors according to categories
  • Able to perform statistical analysis on captured information

Visitor History

  • Automatically stores all data and multiple images into database
  • Individual visitor history reports

Record Search & Tracking

  • Fast search engine
  • Perform query on database for desired information


  • Produce graph and summary
  • Able to print out reporting

Business Card Reader

  • Capture other images such as business card or passport

Recommended System Requirements

  • Desktop PC
    • Intel i3 Processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • 320HDD
    • 17″LCD Monitor
    • Windows 7

Approval Letter from Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) for MyKad Technical Command Set


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