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Digital Mutawwif


What is Digital Mutawwif?

Digital Mutawwif is a software application residing in the smartphone designed to:

  • Expedite the process of instruction and dua’ in interactive mode
  • Pilgrim’s location can be determined Real-Time
  • E-Duress button for pilgrims to request for assistance


Benefit for Mutawwif

  • Improve the image of Mutawwif
  • Reduce manpower expenditure
  • Real-Time trace and tracking of pilgrims under their care
  • Improve the management efficiency of Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims
  • No capital cost for Web Dashboard and Digital Mutawwif Monitoring Server
  • Immediate response to emergency and duress request
  • Pilgrims Registration System allows for faster registration of pilgrims and efficient record keeping

Benefit for Pilgrims

  • Peace of mind knowing your exact location is known to your Mutawwif at anytime, anywhere
  • Real-Time guidance on rituals, dua’ and supplication
  • Assistance can be summoned at the touch of a button
  • Real-Time reminder on prayer time

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